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krikagamerlog asked:

May I ask? What on earth does Roar and Snore mean? Sorry I'm not from an English speaking country, so if it's a joke, I'm sorry I didn't catch on >///<;;;

Sorry, it’s sort of a Southern California thing, I forgot that most people would have no idea what I was talking about. It’s an overnight camp out at the San Diego wild animal park. My girl scout troop used to do it a lot and it was my absolute favorite.


Anonymous asked:

Is there any chance you're going to do a Gen 4 beta secrets video? Or is there virtually no information?

There’s information, it’s just difficult for me to talk about it because I honestly haven’t played Gen 4 very much. I’ve played DP from start to finish more times than Gen 5, but I always remember so little about it when I’m done it feels alien to me still.

I do still plan to tackle it, but I’m putting it off for now. Maybe this summer I’ll have time.

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