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himynameisneil asked:

Is the Pokémon symphony just exclusive to America? Also carry on making sweet videos! ✌

The spread of the tour will be determined by how well the first two locations do, but since it’s run by the same people who did Symphony of the Goddesses, which did tour internationally, I’ll bet that if they’re able to they’ll make it to other countries too. The first concert date is almost completely sold out, so it’s looking good.

I decided I wanted to draw my old Ruby and Sapphire Pokemon, but there are too many to fit in one picture, so here’s the first bunch. Julie the Azumarill, Lynne the Plusle, Kitty the Zigzagoon, David the Linoone, Claire the Torkal, Laura the Absol, Pandalee the Spinda, Eileen the Breloom, Richard the Mightyena, Vena the Sandslash, and Cookie the Koffing. These are some of my oldest surviving Pokemon, from nearly 10 years ago.

I colored it but I kinda feel like the original pencil drawing looks a lot better so I uploaded both lol.


Anonymous asked:

Are you back to New Leaf? I'm really sad that you didn't get addicted to it like Wild World.

Nah, I think it’s just where I am in my life right now. I don’t have time to play Animal Crossing like I used to.

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